Take back control of your music lessons and earn rewards at the same time

We've created an affiliate programme which is win-win for music teachers - keep reading to discover how it works.

If you have any questions which are not answered here, please do email us at affiliates@starlingmusicacademy.com

Why should I become an affiliate?

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How do I make referrals?

We've made it super easy to make referrals by creating a variety of easy-to-share resources.
You will receive these via email once the affiliate sign up form has been completed.

Refer a student

  • Text-only
  • PDF flyer
  • Forwardable email

Refer an affiliate

  • Text-only
  • QR code
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What affiliate rewards do you offer?

You can choose whether you receive virtual or physical vouchers for a music store of your choice, or donate the value of your rewards to one of the charities we support.
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How do I receive my rewards?

Every time your affiliate code is used, either in the student enrolment form or the affiliate sign up form, we make a record of it.
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As soon as an affiliate has signed up, you will be entitled to a reward with the value of £8.
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Once a student (or their responsible adult) has made their second subscription payment (usually at the start of their second month on the course), you will be entitled to a reward, the value of which depends on the type of subscription that student is on:
---> For Classic referrals: £5
---> For Plus+ referrals: £8
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We will send out your vouchers or donate to your chosen charity on your behalf every three months
Please note:
If choosing to receive vouchers, please be aware that different stores offer different denominations of vouchers, meaning that there may be occasions where you do not receive exactly the amount earned each quarter, but rest assured that any rewards not fulfilled will rollover into the next quarter. Please check this page to find out which denominations of vouchers are available for each store.
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Discover all of the benefits your students will receive

It's not just music teachers who benefit from our affiliate programme. Whilst you keep their focus in your lessons on learning their instrument, we'll be working hard to deliver them the highest quality music theory education possible.
  • Bespoke course plan
  • Feedback from a music theory tutor
  • Exam entry support
  • & much more
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Ready to start earning rewards?

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