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(paid monthly @ £45/month)

Our classic access level gives you access to all of the course content as well as written feedback from your assigned music theory tutor, who will also be monitoring your progress to ensure that you are being set the right resources at the right time

  • Access to all course content
  • Course progress monitored
  • Written feedback once a week

on the cost of a face-to-face teacher


(paid monthly @ £75/month

Want to be able to discuss topics directly with your tutor? The Plus+ access level gives you the opportunity to talk through each week's lesson with your tutor so that you can be sure that you understand it, or perhaps get a head start on the next topic.

  • Access to all course content
  • Course progress monitored
  • 20 minute Zoom session a week

on the cost of a face-to-face teacher
Complete the course

With face-to-face lessons, your learning is restricted to teaching weeks.

With our course, you can learn all year round.

If all deadlines are met and all modules are passed first time, the entire course (with no tailoring) would take a maximum of 11 months.

Many students currently find that it takes between 18 months and 2 years to fully prepare for the Grade 5 exam.
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Option 1:
Learn music theory in your
instrumental lessons

of instrumental lesson time spent learning the instrument

months to reach music theory goal

spent on learning music theory

Option 2:
Learn music theory with
Starling Music Academy

of instrumental lesson time spent learning the instrument

months to reach music theory goal

spent on learning music theory

Starling Music Academy

In-person teacher


Bespoke course plan

Interaction with tutor

Tailored feedback

Accessible from anywhere

Lessons always available

Payment FAQs

How do payments work?

Once you have taken the Course Creator Quiz, we will put together your course within a week. Once we have done this, we will contact you and provide you with a link to a page which will ask you to provide payment details. As soon as these are provided, your 7-day free trial will start and you will get instant access to your course.

You will then be on a monthly subscription plan until you complete the course or decide that you would no longer like access to your course. Payments are taken through Stripe and you will receive a reminder email a week before each subscription payment is taken.

I won't have time to complete my work next week, will I still be charged?

Our subscription service means that you always have access to your course, and your tutor will check in on your progress once a week after the agreed hand-in day. If you know that you will be unable to leave the work set, you can always send your tutor a message asking them to set the next week's lesson despite having not completed the current lesson if you think that you will be able to catch up, but this will be left to the tutor's discretion as they may not have time to review two week's worth of work in one go.