How Does It Work?

Find out more about our innovative online course

A bespoke course plan

When you let us know that you would like to join our course, we'll get you to complete our Course Creator Quiz. Once you complete this, we will get to work creating a course plan that is unique to you: that means no repetition of topics you already understand, as well as making sure we cover any topics which you haven't learned, (or sometimes areas where we can help strengthen your knowledge).

No two students are the same, so why should their courses be?

Your personal theory tutor

When you start the course we will assign you a theory tutor who will be in charge of setting you work and allocating resources to you at the right speed for your learning.

You get to choose how you interact with your tutor - some students may prefer to receive written feedback, whilst others may decide that they would benefit from having weekly video calls with their tutor, so that they can directly ask them questions.

All of our tutors have studied music and are experienced musicians and teachers.
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Work set and marked every week

Once we've been in touch to let you know that your course and tutor are ready for you, you will be asked to set up a payment method, and then you're in! Explore your new, personalised course page and get ready to start learning!

Your tutor will set you new work each week - usually in the form of video tutorials and quizzes - and you will then have five days to complete it so that the tutor can review it and set you new work for the next week.

You will receive your mark and feedback on each assignment you complete before the next lot of work is set for you so that you can monitor your own progress.
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Access to the right resources

We believe that good resources are most effective when allocated to the student at the right time. That's why we give our tutors the choice of when they make resources available to their students. 

This doesn't mean that any student will miss out on a resource, but it does mean that we can encourage students to take time to be sure they understand a topic, rather than bombarding them with exercises and tasks, and to keep learning fun.

With you until you reach your goal

There is no set time limit on our courses. You will be able to access all the resources you have been allocated as well as all the feedback from your tutor until you decide that you would like to end your subscription.