Rhiannon Jeffreys @ Starling Music Academy

The value of affordable and effective music theory education

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In the realm of music education, learning music theory often comes with hidden costs and time constraints that can hinder instrumental progress.

In this article, we delve into the key advantages of a comprehensive and affordable online music theory course, focusing on why each aspect is crucial for successful learning.
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Maximising instrumental learning time

One commonly overlooked aspect is the impact of learning music theory during instrumental lessons.

Integrating theory into instrumental lessons can lead to significant time loss for instrumental skill development.

In a survey conducted by Starling Music Academy, instrumental teachers indicated that they frequently dedicate at least half of a students weekly instrumental lesson to music theory for 1-2 years in order to ensure that they reach their music theory goal.

This delay affects students' progress towards their musical goals and may result in postponed practical exams, as illustrated by the graph below.

By separating theory and instrumental lessons, dedicated time is allocated to each area, optimising progress in both disciplines.
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Affordable options

Affordability is a key consideration in music education. Traditional in-person music theory lessons can be costly, especially when factoring in ongoing expenses.

When creating our music theory course, we were determined to find a suitable balance between affordability and access to high-quality music theory tutors. 

The current Musicians' Union minimum rate for one-to-one in-person teaching is £20.25 per half-hour lesson. In contrast, our Classic access starts at just £10.38 per week, and Plus+ access is priced at £17.31 per week.

We also realised that the open-ended nature of hiring another music tutor could lead to concern.

The problem with hiring a music theory tutor or buying music theory workbooks is that many students already have knowledge of some areas of music theory, but neither of these methods of learning provided a way to provide a definitive answer for where the student should start their learning from or which topics they don't already have an understanding of.

This is where our course is different. To ensure affordability, we designed the Course Creator Quiz to build a bespoke course for every student, meaning that we can tell you before you start the course how long it should take to complete.

And on top of that, we have designed our course materials so that, if every module was allocated to the student, the course could be completed in less than one year.
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Personalised support tailored to your needs

The importance of personalised guidance cannot be overstated in music theory education.

If you paid an in-person instrumental tutor to teach you their instrument, and they showed you a five year plan which they were going to follow to the letter, regardless of how quickly you learned or which learning methods you found most effective, naturally you may be concerned.

Tailored learning for us means two things:
1) a bespoke course plan, and
2) assigned a real person to every student

The tailored course plan keeps students engaged by ensuring that they are always receiving new information, and the tutor provides valuable feedback, tracks progress, and answers questions, ensuring a supportive and tailored learning experience.

We understand that students have different learning preferences and needs. That's why we offer both verbal and written feedback options, allowing individuals to choose the mode of communication that suits them best.
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Embracing the advantages of online learning

Online learning offers unique advantages that enhance the music theory learning experience.

There are many benefits of online learning, including flexibility, self-pacing, and accessibility to course materials.

Our online music theory course provides the convenience of repeatable lessons, allowing students to revisit challenging concepts until they grasp them fully.

With 24/7 access to course materials, learners have the flexibility to study at their own pace, on their own schedule.

Additionally, our course is specifically designed to prepare students for online music theory exams, ensuring they are well-equipped for success.
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A comprehensive and affordable online music theory course offers numerous benefits that traditional methods may lack.

By maximising instrumental learning time, providing affordable access options, offering personalised tutor support and embracing the advantages of online learning, our course aims to empower aspiring musicians on their musical journey.

You can take our Course Creator Quiz for free and try your first lessons for free during a 7-day free trial to make sure that our course is the right fit for you.

To start, simply create a free account and follow the instructions to enrol a student.