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We create a course that is unique to you,
because no two students are the same
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Need to pass an ABRSM music theory exam?

We can help!

Our debut course will teach students how to pass these ABRSM music theory exams:
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

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A unique course plan, tailored to you

We test your current theory knowledge before you start, so no time is wasted going over old topics
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Support from your
own personal tutor

Learning online doesn't mean
learning from computers!
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Prepare online for 
an online exam

Throw out the old textbooks and practice for the new online exams in the same way you'll be tested
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Learn at home (or anywhere you like!)

Giving you flexibility & saving
you time and money

Ready to take your musical training to the next level?

Discover what makes learning with Starling Music Academy unique
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More than a memory test

Our aim is to teach our students to understand the logic and process behind every topic, rather than simply memorise lots of data to pass an exam.

We know that the more deeply something is understood, the less likely it is to be forgotten.

Regular feedback to keep you on track

Even with the best intentions, buying workbooks and downloading worksheets can't guarantee that the work will get done. 

As soon as we know what your goal is, we aim to help you get there in the most efficient time possible. Your tutor will monitor your progress and set you work for each week.

Less pressure on instrumental teachers

As a lot of our tutors are also instrumental music teachers, we know how hard it can be to fit music theory into a flute/trumpet/violin lesson, and we think that your instrumental teacher should be able to give their full attention to helping you improve on your chosen instrument.

Get your money's worth from your instrumental lessons, whilst we get you through your theory exam.
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